Fragments, pieces, parts, scraps, objects adrift, without connection, undefined. These objects are given new identities and are reconnected to something whole. A more dramatic transformation could not be imagined. In the hands of Silas Finch, the objects transcend their strictly utilitarian purpose and become true works of art.

   Silas, preferring to use his hands and basic tools, searches for their new purpose, positioning and repositioning parts until they achieve a natural union. He does not alter the form of the individual parts by processes such as bonding or welding in order to force them to fit together. His process demands that he endure the ever present possibility of collapse. Yet taking these risks is what makes the moment of connection so satisfying for the artist.

   Viewing his sculptures, we are reminded of the multiple possibilities and potentialities of life and the underlying principles of rearrangement and reorganization that keep our perspectives fresh and changing.
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